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We have a team dedicated to immigration, to listen to your needs.

Each person is unique, and we pay special attention to all the files

of our clients. We cover your immigration needs across Canada.





Establish unique strategies by being truly responsive to the needs of our customers, with a smile. Whether for a sponsorship, a work permit, a study permit or any other approach, here is a summary of our services.

CUSTOMIZED analysis of your profile and needs

EXPLANATION of the process and the steps to follow


LEGAL ADVICE and customized strategy according to your profile  


FULL MANAGEMENT of procedures and forms


ORIENTATION and assistance for the assembly of your file  


REPRESENTATION with government authorities  


CLOSE MONITORING of processing times  


AVAILABILITY by telephone when crossing the border  


FOLLOW-UP and confidential archiving of your file  


AVAILABILITY of walk-in experts  


INDIVIDUAL and Confidential Consultation  


SPECIALIZED recruitment services adapted for employers











Need a work permit? This section is for you!

The expertise of Phoenix G.M.I is recognized at the level of temporary foreign workers. We are one of the few experts who can accurately identify the best type of work permit for your company and your candidate. We have developed several types of services that are adjustable to your needs in the form of a package with the advantage of facilitating the management of procedures and controlling costs.


Our goal is to facilitate legal procedures, and even to train you if you desire to learn how yourself!


We cover all the steps of a procedure by taking charge and / or assisting you to:


  • Position determination and associated NOC code

  • Confirmation of salary standards, experience, level of education ...

  • Adjustment of criteria for displays that meet Service Canada requirements

  • Preparation, assembly and compliance of forms and supporting documents

  • Filing and follow-up of procedures with the relevant Ministries

  • Permanent communication between the employer, employee and ministries

  • Immigration procedures for family members (joint work permit, child permit, visa)

  • Advice and Transitional Strategy for Permanent Residence.


Permanent residence, sponsorship, visitor, study permit, renewal

We have a team dedicated to family immigration, whether it's for sponsorship, permanent residence, study permits, long-term visitors, or renewal or status reinstatement.

Particular attention will be given to:

  • Analysis of your needs

  • A personalized strategy according to your profile

  • Support throughout the completion of all the procedures

  • Your orientation and assistance for the assembly of your file

  • Your individual and confidential consultation


In Canada, and particularly in Quebec, there is no age to undertake studies!

Want to change your skills after you turn 40? Or simply, prefer to graduate to enhance your professional experience? Or follow a professional or university program such as a master's degree in English to develop your bilingualism in the practice of your profession?


A study permit will enable you to achieve your project. Still need to know what type of study permit and applicable conditions ... Some programs allow French citizens to benefit from free or tariffs like local students. Therefore, studying in Quebec is definitely a way to go.


For other foreign nationals, this is an important investment, but it has a very important personal and professional impact.

International students are also highly prized by the Canadian Government and the Government of Quebec. Depending on the program being undertaken, and if you wish to stay in Canada, the study permit will allow you to plan your future and the Canadian permanent immigration procedures to be timely triggered.

Our work at Phoenix International Mobility Management is mainly to accompany you throughout your procedures.


Whether it is obtaining the CAQ study or applying for a study and visa permit or simply establishing the strategic plan, we will advise and manage your application step by step. And if you have a family, we will consider applications for work permit for your spouse and study for children.

Again, our job is not just to fill out forms at the end of a table but to assess your eligibility for resources, to adequately advise you on institutions and programs, and to become a permanent resident of Canada When you want it.


Education will be the key to your success!

International immigration services

Phoenix G.M.I. Is expanding its reach to Europe and the United States to offer you a full range of international immigration services.


Our coordinators will be happy to advise you on the procedures and your obligations abroad.

Getting the right documents before leaving, even in an emergency, is the first piece of advice we give you.


Entrepreneurs, investors in Canada or self-employed? We have your immigration strategy!

Have you acquired or are setting up a business in Quebec or elsewhere in Canada? The issue of immigration is crucial because without it you will not be able to operate or work in Canada, even if it is your own business. We have an experienced immigration process team who will advise you and help you determine the best strategy for your legal status in Canada.

We can offer you:

  • Short- and long-term business and immigration strategies

  • Adaptation of the business project to the criteria of the immigration authorities

  • Assembly and verification of the conformity of your file

  • Creation and legal registration of companies

  • Support and corporate networking

  • Translation of legal documents

  • International tax advice

  • How to finance your business

  • Take charge of the family procedures regarding your installation


  • Personalized consultations

  • Emergency strategies for work permits

  • Resumption of litigious cases / cases refused

  • Continuing education

  • Workshops and web conferences on procedures

  • Personalized reception and relocation services.


Or any other impossible case, we love the challenges!

Our resources are at your disposal.


From training on work permit procedures to administrative details of reception and integration, Our range of services, also includes:



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